Looking for investment opportunities in the Blockchain and Crypto industry?
We're a group of passionate individuals seeking investment opportunities with a proven track record of success.

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Hull.

I'd like to personally invite you to the Millionaire JV Club, a service of the Financial Research Group.

If you are striving for personal profit, privacy, and protection, the Millionaire JV Club supplies unique investments that are difficult to find in mainstream America.

We are continually performing comprehensive due-diligence on finding the best alternative investment opportunities with a large focus on new technology in both Crypto and Blockchain industry.

This is your opportunity to work with a business that earns your trust and delivers the best services in the industry.

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Jeffrey Hull,
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A private membership which will give you access to
  • Investment opportunities in the Blockchain and Crypto industry.
  • Both accredited and non-accredited programs and investment opportunities
  • To a unique hedge fund in the Cayman Islands that gives you the ability to Cashflow your Crypto without selling your Crypto (Min. $100M Crypto or optional $10M Euro cash)
  • My private cell phone number to call anytime with questions.
We are looking for
Large Crypto investors from ICO’s, Miners, Hedge Funds, Family Offices and Crypto Whales that want to use a Fintech Advisor Firm that will help them to Cash Flow their Crypto without selling their Crypto.
In Summary
We specialize in Crypto and Fintech and would like the opportunity to show you how to put your Crypto into a Fiduciary trade, enabling risk-adverse BTC and ETH holders to make more profit in a shorter time frame then they would have made selling your coin, and then continue cash flow for 3 to 5 years.
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